IT Professional Partners Trinidad Cruz & Thomas Malo

What In The World Do We Do?

We Offer Debian Solutions For Business & Business Networking

Microsoft Networking Security & Cross Platform Connectivity Solutions

User Training Seminars For Windows & Linux

Systems, Network & Computer Repair & Refurbishing

Technical Writing & Publishing

Other Than That We’re Retired!

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Cruz Analytics

Trinidad’s Free Networking Help Resources

Free Illustrated Tutorials Covering

Linux Lite, Debian 9 & Windows 10 Connections


Remmina, Gnome-Boxes & Debian LAMP Servers

AlphaVantage API Usage

DogBoy / TinSoldier Publishing

Thomas’ Free Literary Publishing Site

Read His Poetry, Philosophical & Religious Work

Free Downloads Available In Three Formats

How To Contact Us

**This entire Web site built in Debian 9 with LibreOffice Writer, Writer-Web, Draw, Epub Extensions

Gimp, Gthumb, Gnome Screenshot Tool, Simple Screen Recorder & Firefox**